For patients

This information is for patients or relatives who want to know more about hereditary cancer and genetic testing.

Hereditary breast & ovarian cancer

First appointment on genetic counselling and testing for inherited cause of breast & ovarian cancer

The first appointment will take approximately 30-45 minutes. You will meet a doctor specialized in hereditary diseases. Your family history will be taken and we will decide if genetic test is necessary. Do not forget to bring your insurance papers and a passport or drivers licence.

Genetic counselling and testing

The presence of a high familial risk of ovarian and/or breast cancer can be based on your family tree. The results of genetic testing in blood shows the presence or absence of a hereditary risk factor for cancer. Hereditary breast and/or ovarian cancer is rare.

Tumour specific DNA test for ovarian cancer

During surgery for ovarian cancer both ovaries, tubes and the womb are likely to be removed. A tumour specific DNA test may be performed on the removed cancer tissue. If this tumour specific DNA-test show a change, this could have consequences for your treatment. This change may also be a sign for a high familial risk of ovarian and breast cancer.

Consequences of a BRCA mutation

Women with a hereditary BRCA mutation are at high risk of breast and/or ovarian cancer and can choose between enhanced screening for breast cancer or risk reducing surgery. Because of the increased risk of ovarian cancer, risk reducing surgery of the ovaries is recommended.