For patients

This information is for patients or relatives who want to know more about hereditary cancer and genetic testing.

Inherited cause of (non polyposis) bowel cancer

First appointment on inherited cause of bowel cancer

The first appointment will take approximately 45 minutes. You will meet a doctor specialized in hereditary diseases. Your family history will be taken and we will decide whether testing of the tumour which was previously removed during surgery is necessary. Do not forget to bring your insurance papers and a passport or drivers licence.

Early detection of hereditary cause in bowel cancer

The presence of a high familial risk of bowel cancer can be based on your family tree and on a DNA test in tumour tissue which was previously removed during surgery.

Lynch syndrome

Patients with Lynch syndrome are at high risk of bowel and womb cancer. Regular colonoscopies and screening of the womb by a gynaecologist are recommended. Also the consequences for blood relatives will be discussed.

Genetic testing in blood

The results of the tumour DNA test in tumour tissue which was previously removed during surgery, might indicate that genetic testing is necessary. The results of genetic testing in blood can show the presence or absence of a hereditary risk factor for bowel cancer.